Ocean Vitamin | Multi-variant Squishikini

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The second mod. 

For all Cattos; Cwiminal, Blushing, Cancelled and +!

A squishkini that'll get you ready for summertime or in the mood for something a bit less innocent. Ocean Vitamin is a collaborative project between me and my good friend Nyaughty. 

It features a two piece nun themed bikini with squishy bits around the hips and underboob, and general chest area, and a cute pink choker(though the colour I can change, just let me know in DMs) to act as a little piece of Cawowine on you when you wear this mod. Fully custom made by us.

For a full album containing all photos, click here!

Replaces Endlesss Summer Top & Bottoms

4 Variants
Holy Water
No Polka Dot
Full Polka Dot

To toggle the choker off, simply toggle off A(TT) or 1 in Penumbra.

- If you would like the choker dyed a different colour, I'm happy to change its dye for you! Just send me a DM at xivcaroline and I'll send you a pack you can install over it to get whatever choker colour you like! 

Please note that Nya is NOT offering this! I'm the only one who's open to doing this <3

As always, thank you to my best friend
Nyaughty for the collab!

Find his links and his rendition (it's the same mod) if you'd like to support him instead or as well, here: 



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Ocean Vitamin | Multi-variant Squishikini

File Type
Body Used
Gen 3 - Eve, Default
Items Replaced?
2 - Endless Summer Top & Bottoms
Yes, A/1 - Collar OFF
Mod Type?
NSFW, Bikini, Summer
46.5 MB
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Ocean Vitamin | Multi-variant Squishikini

0 ratings